The use of pantographs saves quilters time and tears down the barriers of personal ability.

Explore Quiltig Options to Extend Artistic Ability

In the recent past, quilters had to rely on the limits of their own artistic ability to come up with unique patterns. Going beyond popular quilting patterns to embellish the finished projects, or make designs more elaborate or intricate, was hit or miss at best. It also took a great deal of time because quilters were creating from scratch. They had to figure out how to incorporate the design into the rest of the quilt.

Artistic Ability Is Now Easily Extended

The use of long-arm and domestic quilting machines have altered the creative process. Computers on machines can be programmed to place different stitching, designs, or patterns right into the quilt. Scalloped stitching on the borders desired? No problem, simply adjust the stitching setting and finish sewing. A paisley pattern on the fabric can be achieved with the click of a few buttons.

Try Using a Pantograph

The use of pantographs saves quilters time and tears down the barriers of personal ability. These unique designs can be downloaded to the computer in digital form, sent as self-print patterns to customers, or arrive in tear away format. This format can be used on all types of quilting machines. Quilters place the pantograph onto the fabric, quilt it following the design, and tear away the paper when that area is completed.

Thousands Available

One company, Urban Elementz, has thousands of patterns, designs, books, stencils, and appliques available online. There are also physical stores located in the US, Australia, and Canada. The goal is to provide modern tools and designs to foster creativity in quilt making. Quilters can extend artistry to the next level and save time while doing it. Some are free, the rest are affordable to suit any budget.

The Club

To make the process even easier, a monthly subscription is offered for club membership. Members will get a new pantograph sent to them in the format of their choice every month. It will be accompanied with matching components in the form of set-in triangles, lattice, and coordinating blocks. Two or three components will be sent depending on which subscription the quilter chooses. Have fun, create quilts you never thought possible, and amaze friends and family.